Salvador Dali, Summer.


I keep seeing versions of this meme and it pisses me off to no end.
Iggy Pop is no feminist idol and he did not say this quote. I’m pretty sure it’s a weirdly bastardized version of a quote from the cement garden. The photo is from a fashion shoot for a magazine. It doesn’t make him fucking subversive or whatever.
Iggy Pop made a lot of music that has influenced my life, and his performance style had a big impact on me as a young dorky punk but come on, the dude is as much of a misogynist fuck as any other rockstar bro - Almost every other song he writes is about objectifying women and the dude was hooking up with vastly underage girls when he was with the stooges, so yeah. Just cause he wore a lot of makeup and occasionally wears women’s clothes doesn’t negate his status as a misogynist man.
People are so eager to paint men as feminists, to absolve them of all their sins, but it’s bullshit.
Men can’t be feminists.

"Men can’t be feminists" you’ve got to be fucking kidding me. So what about trans women, then? They can’t be feminists either? Or do they only become feminists the exact second they make the change—and all their views beforehand are invalid and false, even though they are the exact same after the change? Which would mean roycevomit is basically… saying the maximum determinant to your opinions i.e. to who you are is your sex organ.
Go figure.